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Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed "snips" by her master Anakin Skywalker, was a female Togruta padawan serving the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 Film)Edit

Ahsoka Tano was raised, being a Togruta, on the planet Shili, and stood out among her fellow Togrutans. At a very young age, Ahsoka defeated the Akul, a rare victory for one so young. She was found by Jedi Master Plo Koon and brought to the Jedi Temple where she started her training.

She was later assigned to Anakin Skywalker as a padawan learner. the two at first had a rough relationship calling each other rude names such as "snips" and "Skyguy". Ahsoka struggled to live up to her new master, and wanted to impress him many times. She accompanied him during the Battle of Christophsis, and the Battle of Teth.


Ahsoka during the Battle of Christophsis

The two soon developed a grudging respect for each other as they picked up Rotta the Huttlet in a Teth Monastery. and Anakin saved her from Sith assassin Asajj Ventress. The two got aboard the beat up Twilight, and headed to Tatooine ready to deliver Rotta to his rightful owner: Jabba the Hutt. Unfortunately they were forced to crash-land, but luckily made it out alive.

There, they encountered Count Dooku, and Ahsoka was instructed to move on while Anakin held of the Sith lord. She made her way to Jabba the Hutt's Palace, where she and Rotta were attacked by several Magna Guards. After a long battle, exhausted, Ahsoka made it to the Palace just in time insuring a peace treaty with the Hutts.

Season 1Edit

Rising MalevolenceEdit

Later on in the Clone Wars, Ahsoka and her new master Anakin Skywalker, were sent to rescue stranded jedi Master Plo Koon, and felt compelled to save him, since she shared a close friendship with the Kel Dor Jedi despite the instructions of the Council. She and Anakin were able to rescue Plo in time, and they took him aboard the Twilight. They were then suddenly ambushed by the Malevolence, and barely escaped its ion cannon blast with a jump to Hyperspace.

Shadow of MalevolenceEdit

Shortly after, Skywalker decided to take action on the Malevolence, using General Grievous as a primary target that would insure a quicker ending of the war. They plotted a coarse to the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center, which was the Malevolence's next target. In order to get there quicker, they risked taking the Balmorra Run. However, they unexpectedly encountered a flock of Neebray Mantas and barely made it out alive.

They arrived at the Medical station just as the Malevolence arrived as well, and they engaged in battle, taking many casualties. They managed to overload its weapon system, and when Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived with a fleet, but were unable to destroy the ship. Ahsoka notified the rest of the crew, when a Naboo ship entered the system containing Senator Amidala. She was captured and Kenobi and Skywalker went out to rescue her leaving Ahsoka behind.

Downfall of a DroidEdit

When Anakin's droid R2-D2 went missing during the mission to the Bothawui system, Ahsoka and Anakin went out on a mission to find the Astromech. They were accompanied by a replacement Astromech R3-S6.They checked aboard an old freighter owned by a grubby Trandoshan named Gha Nachkt. After failing to recover the droid, Anakin later mounted a mission to find Grievous' listening Post, but found himself in trouble. Tano and Captain Rex were sent to rescue him.

Duel of the DroidsEdit

Still on the look for artoo, Ahsoka and Anakin followed a signal to Skytop Station, where they split up, Anakin heading towards where he hoped was Artoo's location, and Ahsoka, Arthree and the Clones were tasked with destroying the station's reactors.

Ahsoka duels General Grievous aboard Skytop Station

Tano found herself face to face with General Grievous after R3-S6 alerted him of the Jedi's presence. She bravely fought Grievous, and barely made it away alive. She then rejoined Skywalker and the clones who had recovered Artoo, and assisted in destroying their Vulture Droid attackers. They all escaped the destructing station in the twilight, happy that Artoo was with them.

Cloak of DarknessEdit

After Viceroy Nute Gunray is intercepted and caught on Rodia, under the watchful eye of Luminara Unduli and captain Faro Argyus, he was transferred to the Republic ship the Tranquility. Ahsoka is skeptical at Argyus and his troops arrival, as she doesn't believe that the extra security is needed, though Unduli notified her that the Separatists may be conspiring against them at the moment. Later as Luminara is interrogating Gunray, Tano becomes angry that they are getting nowhere with the interrogation, and does not hesitate to pull her lightsaber threateningly on him, to which Luminara is appalled and lectures the padawan. They are later interrupted as the ship is bombarded by Super Battle Droids, and boarded by Asajj Ventress. Luminara heads to face the assassin, as Tano stays behind with Gunray, Argyus and Commander Gree, but not before warning her about the lethalness of Ventress who ignores her advice. However, Ventress untimely attacks, battling Ahsoka and freeing Gunray, assisted by Argyus, who had betrayed the Republic. Luminara arrives just in time to free Ahsoka.

Ahsoka threatens Gunray

Ahsoka finds Luminara about to be killed by Ventress in the generator room, and force pushes her into a nearby pipe. She frees Luminara's leg from a fallen another fallen pipe and they are again confronted by Ventress who battles them together. Ventress manages to almost kill Ahsoka, and quickly escapes with Argyus and Gunray. As they arrive to see them fleeing into the distance, Luminara apologizes to Ahsoka for her stupidity at ignoring her advice.

Lair of GrievousEdit

Ahsoka later appears to Kit Fisto along with Luminara in a hologram to alert Fisto of Gunray's escape.

Dooku CapturedEdit

After Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi become trapped in a gas enclosed cave on Vanqor, Ahsoka arrives arrives along with a clone battalion to blast them out.

Jedi CrashEdit

Later, Anakin and Ahsoka are sent to assist trapped Jedi knight Aayla Secura whose heavily damaged frigate was being bombarded by several separatist ships. The two Jedi board Aayla's ship, slicing down hoards of droids and eventually reuniting with Secura herself. After they are forced to make an escape, Anakin saves them from an inner explosion of the ship and is deemed unconscious. The Jedi are forced to retreat aboard the Resolute. They crash land into the planet Maridun after making a jump into Hyperspace. Ahsoka felt shocked by Anakin's physical state, and at first refused to leave his side, but reluctantly followed Secura as Captain Rex volunteered to stay behind. Ahsoka and Aayla soon found a small village, inhabited by the Lurmen, and were confronted by Tee Watt kaa, who at first refused to help the jedi, but agreed when Ahsoka mentioned his physical state. Ahsoka then headed back with Tee Watt Kaa's son Wag Too, who was to heal Anakin.

They arrived just in time to save him and Rex from several Mastiff Phalones. They brought Anakin back to the village, where Wag Too applied healing oils to him. Ahsoka meanwhile agreed with Aayla that the Jedi's only concern was to get off planet.

Defenders of PeaceEdit

The next day, Rex spots a Separatist warship which lands near the Lurmen village. Telling Anakin, Ahsoka and Aayla, the Jedi decide to go into hiding, so as not to put the Lurmen's in danger. Unfortunately, they are overheard by a scout droid, which hurries off to the Separatist base to notify Lok Durd. The Jedi chase after it, and Aayla intercepts it, destroying any evidence of the jedi's presence. Curious as to it's destination, they climb a large tree, and spot a small base, accompanied by a battalion of battle droids. They overhear Lok announcing to his droids about a super weapon called the Defoliator, in which he plans to test on the lurmen village by the suggestion of Count Dooku. After informing the Lurmen of the plans, to which Tee Watt kaa refuses to fight, the Jedi help build a barricade of pods around the village, as well as several shield generators. After Ahsoka assists Wag Too and the other villagers defend their home, Anakin destroys the Defoliator, capturing Lok Durd. As the battle ends, a Republic frigate appears over the atmosphere, ready to take the jedi home.

Blue Shadow VirusEdit

Soon after, Ahsoka and Anakin arrived in Theed on Naboo, after Padme finds that there is a poison infecting the planets water supply. Ahsoka leaves with Gungan civilian Peppi Bow to locate padme and Jar-Jar. Anakin then contacts Ahsoka to detonate a bomb in the south bunker of the underground lab so that they have an entry point. Ahsoka carefully levitates the thermal detinator, while avoiding the security cameras hidden from underground. They are soon able to blast through. inside the lab, Ahsoka diminishes the battle droids, while Anakin goes to save Padme. Obi-Wan arrives just in time as Ahsoka in overwhelmed by Droidekas. Obi-Wan assists in deactivating all the bombs. He then joins Anakin as they intercept a fleeing Nuvo Vindi.

Mystery of a Thousand MoonsEdit


Ahsoka faints from the effects of the Blue Shadow Virus

Padme soon discovers that one of the vials containing the virus is missing, and orders an immediate shut down, sealing the lab. before Ahsoka and the clones can stop it, the droid carrying the bomb sets it off. Padme and Jar-Jar pull on enviro suits and head out to find Ahsoka and the clones, who have already been infected. Several of the clones die, and Ahsoka loses consciousness. Anakin and Obi-Wan finally arrive with the antidote, and Ahsoka and Padme are saved, barely alive.

Season 2Edit

Holocron HeistEdit

As the war continued, Ahsoka participated in the Battle of Felucia along with her master and Kenobi. The Jedi were however, heavily outnumbered and Anakin ordered a retreat to which Ahsoka stubbornly refused to back down, defying her master. As she continued to drive the separatist droids back, Anakin dropped the gunship directly in front of her blocking the attack. Angry, Ahsoka reluctantly joined the to Jedi, two which the tank she was fighting upon exploded. Feeling guilty, Ahsoka later faced the council for her rash behavior. As a punishment, she was assigned library duty with fellow jedi Historian Jocasta Nu, to whom Ahsoka soon warmed up to and learned from. While on duty, she came across what seemed to be fellow Jedi Ord Enisence, who harshly rejected her offer for help. As Ahsoka left, feeling worse, Cato Parasitti under the guise of Enisence, attacked Madame Jocasta, knocking her out and assuming her form.

Ahsoka confronted the elder Jedi, unaware of her true identity. After a moment, Ahsoka realized, and engaged with the fake librarian in a duel. Parasitti, who was inexperienced with a lightsaber, was quickly upheld by Ahsoka, and confessed. Unaware that a robe disguised Cad Bane was leaving the temple after stealing a holocron, Ahsoka turned Parasitti in. She joined the other Jedi, as an upheld Parasitti gave the clue of 'Bolla Ropal' before being handed in to authorities. While Obi-Wan stayed on Coruscant to search for Bane, Ahsoka joined Anakin to the Deveron system to find captured Jedi Bolla Ropal.

Cargo of DoomEdit

As Anakin and Ahsoka arrived in the Deveron system, cutting off Bane's escape. Unfortunately, clone scouts notify Anakin that Ropal is already in captivity. Bane ship was crippled after after the Resolute fired upon its Hyperdrive systems, preventing escape. Ahsoka helps Anakin prepare to infiltrate the ship, aboard several AT-TE's. Ahsoka headed to the Detention Block to locate master Ropal , only to find him already dead. After following Anakin on Bane's trail, they encountered a droid battalion waiting in the hangar. Bane ordered one of his droids to shut off the artificial gravity, the the jedi and droids were airborne. Ahsoka tells artoo to again shut on the gravity, and Bane gets the holocron, escaping through the blast doors. Ahsoka follows him despite Anakin's orders not to, and manages to knock the bounty hunter to the ground. Believing she had defeated him, she held him at lightsaber point, before he grabbed her ankle, sending a paralyzing electrical shock through her, rendering her unconscious.

Ahsoka, captured by Cad Bane

Cuffing and removing her padawan silka bead braid, Bane held her as a decoy to attract Anakin, in order to gain acsess to the holocron. Anakin arrived sure enough, and confessed his strong attachment to Ahsoka, and his inability to let her die. He activated the holocron, saving Ahsoka while Bane escaped. They make it back to the hangar, escaping the exploding ship, after seeing Bane fall from a ledge after being shot by trooper Denal who joins them. After taking their ship back to the Republic frigate, Ahsoka confesses her guilt that the missions failure was her fault. Anakin tells her it was his instead, comforting his padawan.

Children of the ForceEdit

After returning back to the Republic ship, Ahsoka became concerned for the well being of the clone trooper who supposedly killed Bane, as he seemed hurt. anakin however quickly realized that he was dripping Duros blood, unnatural for a clone, and warned Ahsoka. However, this was too late and she recieved a hard knee in the stomach. Her master was unable to catch the now renegade bounty hunter. She, along with Anakin, immediately reported this to the council. Ahsoka assisted Anakin on Naboo, where Bane was staging a attack on yet another force sensitive child. She managed to trick Bane, and engaged in combat. In the end, Ahsoka managed to take the upper hand, retrieving her padawan braid. Still, she was slightly concerned when Mace Windu, Obi-Wan and Anakin attempted to extract from his mind in an interrogation. On the Resolute, Ahsoka discovered that Bane's shuttle was littered with ash, tracing Bane to Mustafar. After investigating furthermore on the planet, they were able to locate the stolen babies and escape the facility alive after engaging in a duel with two Nanny Droids. They were able to safely recover the stolen children.

Landing at Point RainEdit

During the second battle of Geonosis, Ahsoka once again assisted her master in the fight. They were able to temporarily get through Poggle The Lesser's defenses with a three pronged attack. After the gunship she was in was shot down, they were seperated from Obi-Wan. They survived, and managed to push forward. They again battled Poggle's defenses, and breach a large wall cutting them off. However, they were ambushed by several droidekas but ended up defeating them. In the end of the battle, Ahsoka rivaled her master with kills at sixty.

Weapons FactoryEdit

As the separatist force field was down, the Jedi were able to advance further with the assistance of Luminara Unduli. Ahsoka grew increasingly annoyed and ignored by her master after he interrupted her several times during her briefing to the clones, making her believe that he does not have full trust in her abilities. This prompted the two to argue over it, just as Unduli and her padawan Barriss Offee arrived. Anakin insisted that Ahsoka might have not been ready for the mission after going over tactical plans. Ahsoka was once again annoyed by this, and insisted that she participate. At first, Ahsoka grew exasperated due to Offee's superior physique. But the two quickly bonded over time. After realizing that the only way to destroy the reactor was with the tank, and aware that they would not survive, they took action. However, they did manage to survive the explosion and were recovered by a relieved Skywalker, with the help of Master Unduli. The whole time, Anakin had never lost faith in his padawan. She later left the battle zone along with Barriss to recover.

Brain InvadersEdit

Ahsoka and Barriss were later tasked with delivering a transport of medical supplies to Mace Windu on Dantooine.

Ahsoka and Barriss Offee

However, they were unaware that one of the clones boarding the ship was contaminated by the Geonosian brain worms. Ahsoka was unable to fall asleep that night, and suggested to a calm Barriss that they eat instead. After heading to the mess hall, Ahsoka remarked that Anakin was different from other Jedi after Barriss asked about her master. They were suddenly attacked however by an infected clone, but managed to evade fire and knock him unconscious. Suspicious, they were put on high alert and investigated, planning to head to the bridge. However, they were cut off and attacked by Trap. Barriss was forced to kill him, prompting Ahsoka to examine the worm that he had extorted. After discovering a clan of infected clones, they realized that they were outnumbered, and decided to split up. Ahsoka contacted Kit Fisto, who instructed her to dock at a nearby medical facility. She also contacted Anakin, informing him on the situation. In the process, Barriss became infected, attacking Ahsoka with her lightsaber. Ahsoka barely managed to hold her off, and managed to turn on the coolant system and make it to the bridge where Barriss once again attempted to attack her. Slipping in and out of consciousness, Barriss begged Ahsoka to kill her, But Ahsoka refused, managing to kill the brain worm just as Kit Fisto arrived to help. After safely recovering, Anakin reassured her that she had made the right choice in not killing Barriss.

Lightsaber LostEdit

Soon after, she and her master were tasked with capturing Car Affa who was illegally selling to the separatists. As they approached the bar where he was in hiding, Anakin instructed Ahsoka to wait outside, disappointing her. All the patrons from the bar suddenly rushed out in fear attempting to escape, knocking Ahsoka to the ground. With a startling realization, her lightsaber had been stolen by a thief, who was lost in the crowd before she could retrieve it. She kept the fact hidden from her master, fearing that he would see her as untrustful once again. She instead confronted elder Jedi Terra Sinube, and they managed to track down the thief revealed to be a Patrolian named Banamu. She angrily demanded the Patrolian for her lightsaber, to which he stated that he had sold it to a Trandoshan named Nack Movers. After arriving at Mover's apartment, they found him dead with a seemingly horrified Ione Marcy weeping over it. Ahsoka wandered the back room of the apartment to try to locate the saber, only to be ambushed by Cassie Cryar. After realizng that she was in posession of the stolen lightsaber, they gave chace, with Cryar managing to escape with the lightsaber in hand. However, Sinube had planted a tracking device an Marcy, and they were able to locate them at the hovertrain station, all the while Ahsoka was annoyed by there slow speed. Ahsoka gave chase yet again, this time sucessfuly retrieving it with the intervention of Sinube.

Bounty HuntersEdit

Ahsoka was later sent to Felucia once again along with Anakin and Obi-Wan to investigate the disappearance of a medical station above the planet. They were however ambushed, and forced to crash land on the planet's lush surface.  Eventually, they found a Felcian village and a ship inside one of their barns, causing them to be suspicious. They found a hatch where the Felucian villagers were hiding, but were ambushed once again and put at gunpoint by several bounty hunters (Sugi, Rumi Paramita, Embo, and Seripas). Ahsoka is angered when they refuse to agknowledge her as a real jedi, due to her padawan status. After learning that the bounty hunters were being paid by the villagers to protect them from Weequay pirates, Ahsoka was eager to help them despite the objections of Obi-Wan. Things got worse after Hondo Onhaka arrived at the village demanding nsyllin. With the villagers not strong enough to fend for themselves, Ahsoka helped in  teaching them how to fight. She also discovered Seripas's actual identity. When the pirates attacked, Ahsoka along with Anakin and Obi-Wan helped defend the village. Eventually, the pirates retreated and the villagers were sucessful. They were able to leave the planet using Sugi's ship.

R2 Come HomeEdit

After Anakin and Mace Windu were severly injured by Boba Fett's bomb on Vanqor, Ahsoka traveled with Plo Koon on board a Republic Gunship to rescue them.

Lethal TrackdownEdit

Soon Afterwards, the Jedi recieved a transmission from bounty hunter Aurra Sing, who kills clone trooper Ponds after Boba Fett fails to do so. With no leads on her location, Ahsoka and Plo Koon ventured into the Coruscant Underworld to try to get information, without much sucess due to Ahsoka's clumsiness. Eventually, Ahsoka managed to easedrop on a Nautolan thug, learning that Sing is on Florrum. However, she was caught, forcing her and Koon to draw their lightsabers and retreat. After arriving on Florrum, Plo confronted Aurra, who revealed that she was holding both remaining prisoners hostage under the watch of Bossk. Sticking with her and Koon's plan, Ahsoka destroyed Aurra's comlink and held her lightsaber at her throat, with Boba pointing his blaster at Koon's head. Aurra managed to escape, but not before Ahsoka chased her down, using a speeder bike. Realizing that Sing was leading her away from the hostages, she doubled back, managing to free them and capture Bossk. As Aurra tried to escape in her ship, Ahsoka destroyed the left wing, causing it to go down with Aurra inside.  

Season 3Edit

Sometime after, Ahsoka, a close friend of senator Riyo Chuchi, informs Anakin and Padme Amidala of Chi Eekway and Che Amanwe's capture. Knowing that the Jedi were unable to get involved, but wanting to help, Ahsoka convinced her master to grant her permission to investigate. Disguising herself as a servant, Ahsoka managed to get aboard a Separatist Command Ship. Once on board, they managed to hear Sib Canay talking about one of Papanoida's daughters being held onboard. They managed to sneak away because of Ahsoka's force abilities. Eventually, they managed to rescue Che, and transport her back to Coruscant.

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Personal TraitsEdit

While Tano's Jedi training was meant to bring out the good side of her personality, she was also plagued by several more aggressive tendencies. When in combat, she displayed determination to win, similar to her master's disposition, as she would also occasionally sulk when things didn't go her way. She often talked down to others in battle, behaving as if she was superior to them, mirroring the attitude of her master. That extended to her behavior towards enemies, as she often came up with degrading pet names for them, such as referring to the IG-100 MagnaGuards as "stick-tinnies", and even calling Asajj Ventress a "hairless harpy" and dismissing heroic Grievous as "just another tinny".

When she stood trial for murders she didn't commit, she lost faith in the Galactic Republic, and left the Jedi Order for good.


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