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Master Sinube, you’re right. I’ve found the intruder and she has my lightsaber. She's a Terrelian jango jumper, and hard to keep up with.
―Ahsoka Tano to Tera Sinube[src]

Cassie Cryar was a Terellian Jango Jumper criminal, residing in the Coruscant underworld. She was crime partners with Ione Marcy, and the two often did criminal acts together. She managed to steal Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano's lightsaber during the clone wars, but was caught in the act. She had impressive acrobatic skills due to the nature of her dexterous species.


Being a female Terellian Jango Jumper, she was capable of many acrobatic stunts that gave her an advantage in the criminal world. Cassie was a criminal, and normally committed her crimes in the Underworld of Coruscant with her counterpart Ione Marcy. Sometime during the Clone Wars, she was responsible for the death of Trandoshan Nack Movers and took possession of Ahsoka Tano's Lightsaber. When Tano and Terra Sinube arrived on the scene, Cryar hid in a seperate room, while Marcy posed as an innocent bystander. When Tano eventually ventured into Cryar's hiding place, she ambushed the Togruta, before jumping out the window closely persued by Ahsoka. Cassie led tano through a maze of buildings, until she hopped on a speeder and zoomed out of sight with Ione.

Cassie cryar2

Cassie holds two Twi'leks hostage with Ahsoka's lightsaber.

ione, not knowing that Master Sinube had planted a tracking device on her, made her way towards the Hovertrain station with Cassie. Tano and Sinube followed them there, and several Police Droids captured Ione, but Cassie made it away. Ahsoka quickly ran after Cassie until she finally jumped into a train and took two Twi'lek hostages. She was stopped by Sinube, who knocked her out with his staff. She and Ione were then arrested.


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