Kalifa was a female human Jedi youngling who once studied to become a Knight of the Jedi Order during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

Season ThreeEdit

Kalifa was captured by Trandoshans and taken to Wasskah where she was hunted down for sport. She managed to survive, and soon met up with other captured Jedi O-Mer and Jinx. Together, they hid from their pursuers managing to survive alot longer than other prisoners. Kalifa, being he oldest, and the longest resident led the group, and they later met Ahsoka Tano another fellow padawan. The four of them took refuge in a nearby cave. Ahsoka insisted that they take action on the Trandoshans, but Kalifa refused insisting that it would be better if they stuck together and hid. Ahsoka ignored her and ran off on her own.

Kalifa's death

Kalifa then decided to follow Tano, and arrived just in time to save her from a Trandoshan. The four Jedi were suddenly ambushed by Trandoshans, and were forced to split up. Ahsoka and Kalifa stuck together, and raced off into the trees narrowly evading blaster fire. Kalifa was knocked off a tree branch, and injured, while a Trandoshan attacked her on foot. She managed to subdue him until Tano brought the lizard down in a fist fight. The Togruta helped Kalifa up, seemingly safe, until the human Jedi was shot in the back by Garnac, enraged over his son's death. Kalifa died in Ahsoka's arms, but not before making Ahsoka promise that she would take care of the other padawans.


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