Kiera Swan
First appearance | The Box
Last appearance | The Box
Appeared in | S4
Gender | Female
Species | Weequay
Affiliation | Bounty hunter
Weapon(s) | Blaster Rifle
Voiced by  | Ashley Eckstein


Kiera Swan, a one time winner of the obsidian shere and Weequay Bounty Hunter, was selcted along with others by Count Dooku and Maralo Eval to participate in a survival competition labeled 'the box'. She proudly displays her pride when Dooku lists her acheivments when adressing everyone. In the first round of the box, Swan fought over a pillar spot with Onca, in order to avoid the poisonous gasses that seeped from the floor. However, she managed to survive the first round due to the skills of Obi-Wan Kenobi disguised as Rako Hardeen. In the second round, the players had to dodge a barrage of laser like appendages that jutted from the walls, claiming Onca's life. Kiera attempted to follow the others to the safety exit, but was quickly impaled by one of the sabers, becoming the second victim.