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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Monster

Overview Edit

Katuunko was the king of Toydaria.


Katuunko ruled as king over Toydaria during the Clone Wars. When Bail Organa and Jar Jar Binks arrived on Toydaria both focused on aiding the suffering Twi'lek population. They seeked aide from Toydaria's government, since Toydaria was not far from the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. Katuunko did not accept Organa and Binks' requests, as Toydaria was not part of the Republic. But when encouraged more, and provided with the status of the Twi'lek people, Katuunko agreed to help them.

King Katuunko, bail Organa and jar Jar Binks

Although, with the sudden arrival of Lott Dod, representative of the Trade Federation, who convinced Katuunko that the interference of the Toydarians would cease business on the world. With that, Katuunko decided to present his ministers to hear a formal debate with Organa and Binks. Katuunko was ultimately forced to reject the senators requests, but since Katuunko could not let the Twi'leks suffer, and told Organa that he would allow the Republic to use Toydaria for a covert transport of the supplies Organa had brought.

Later on Rugosa, Katuunko and assassin Asajj Ventress met, Ventress provided the king with a hologram message of Count Dooku himself, who informed katuunko that the Jedi were unable to protect themselves and therefore were unable to protect Toydaria. Dooku then made a trap for a Republic Democratic Cruiser which was entering orbit. Grand Master Yoda and several other clone troopers escaped, and crash landed on Rugosa in an escape pod. Meanwhile, Katuunko debated with Dooku and whitnessed the Republic Cruiser retreating and assumably abandoning negotiations.

katuunko presents the ceremonial sword to Master Yoda.

Ventress was then interrupted by a message from Yoda, proving that he had arrived on the planet. Ventress then decided that Toydaria's alliance would be tested with Yoda's skill. She sent battallions of droids after the Jedi Master, while she and katuunko watched with a Rangefinder. Yoda however, successfully managed to despatch of all the droids, convincing katuunko to join sides with the Republic. At this decision, Dooku ordered Asajj to kill Katuunko. Luckily, yoda arrived just in time to save the life of the Toydarian. He then presented Yoda with a Ceremonial Toydarian Sword, showing his trust in the Republic.
Katuunko death

Katuunko dead, after being choked to death by Savage Opress

After King katuunko was granted representation in the Senate, Dooku still carried a grudge on Katuunko for rejecting his offer of peace. He therefore sent his new apprentice Savage Opress to capture the senator. Savage however, was sloppy when abducting the Toydarian, and ended up choking Katuunko to death, ending his life.