Mina Bonteri
Last appearance | Heroes on Both Sides
Appeared in | S3
Gender | Female
Species | Human
Affiliation | Separatist Alliance
Homeworld | Onderon
Family | Lux Bonteri (son)
Voiced by  | Kath Soucie


Mina Bonteri was a senator, who joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems shortly after the beggining of the war. She viewed the Republic as corrupt and sided with Dooku, to whom she looked up to. As the war waged on however, Bonteri's husband was killed on Aargonar after setting up a base for the Separatists, when the Republic attacked. She was left with just her only son: Lux Bonteri.

After her husband's death, she was contacted by Republic loyal Naboo senator Padme Amidala, who requested that she participate in a Spereratist vote to bring peace between the Republic and the Confederacy. After meeting with the Senator, Mina agreed to the proposition, and gave her speach. The proposition was passed by Seperatist Congress, however, Mina was later killed in a struggle between the Republic and Separatists, leaving her son in deep grief.

Personal TraitsEdit