Nahdar Vebb was the Mon Calamari apprentice of Jedi knight Kit Fisto during the clone wars. He soon graduated to knighthood, and for the first time was seperated from his master. Sometime during the middle of the war, Nahdar was once again reunited with Fisto on the planet Vassek while assisting in the search for escapee Nute Gunray. He met his former master there, as they follwed the homing beacon of what they beleived to be Gunray's current status. The two Jedi, followed by several clone troopers, soon found a large lair.

Personal TraitsEdit

Nahdar Vebb resembled fellow Jedi Anakin Skywalker in many ways. He was at times careless, and seemingly was not afraid to show his hatred of the seperatists in agressive ways. This defiant and agressive nature later led to his untimely death in the hands of General Grievous.